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Mattress Guide


We all sleep in different ways so why not have a mattress made to suit your needs?

Brook + Wilde Sleep Mattresses are available in either Standard or Premium Firmness options.

Standard options

Medium/Soft (5/12 Firmness)

Ideal for lighter weight profiles the Medium/Soft firmness guarantees that initial cloud-like sensation. Supported by an encapsulated spring unit this option ensures enough resistance is evenly distributed across the sleep surface but with a slightly softer touch.

Medium/Firm (7/12 Firmness)

Capable of supporting all weight profiles the Medium/Firm option is our most desired feel. Back sleeper. Side sleeper. Front sleeper, whatever works for you the Medium/Firm feel will help you comfortably fall and stay asleep.

Premium options

Comfort can be subjective, choose our Premium Firmness option products, The Ultima, The Suprema or The Perla and select which is comfortable for you…

Choose your feel from the options detailed below and if it isn’t right first time, we offer an exchange as part of your purchase:

Soft Feel (3/12 firmness)

We make a soft mattress like no-one else. Designed for only those who enjoy sinking through the layers sending them into the softest slumber. A soft feel is known to better suit side sleepers who require a more adaptable surface to account for the concentrated shoulder and hip area pressure points.

Best for: Side sleepers / Those with a lighter weight profile.

Medium Feel (6/12 firmness)

If you change your sleeping position during the night this option is designed with you in mind. Our medium firmness will accommodate up to the heaviest weight profiles and is the ideal choice if you can’t decide between a firm or a soft mattress. We are truly experts in comfort and this is the firmness we recommend to most of our customers. No distinct requirements? No problem, a medium is the optimal comfort choice for you. We think you’ll love it.

Best for: Most people, the perfect blend of support and comfort / those who change positions during the night.

Firm Feel (9/12 firmness)

For those who know they like a more traditional, firmer feel. Support is the priority - this mattress firmness option is recommended for those who are accustomed to a firm feeling bed. Often best assisting people with existing back pain the firm feel mattresses have higher density grade foam layers offering more resistance when touched.

Best for: Front sleepers / heavier weight profiles / people with back problems

Any more questions?

Our mission is to provide you with a mattress that’s tailor-made for you, so feel free to contact us with any questions and our customer care team will be happy to help.