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Mattress Guide


All our mattresses are hybrids, meaning that we use a combination of supportive springs and comfortable memory foam to offer you the best of both worlds.

As no sleep experience is the same, we have mattresses available in Soft, Medium or Firm comfort options – allowing you to truly tailor your mattress to your individual needs. So, how do you choose?

Soft Feel (3/10 firmness)

If you sleep on your side, you may prefer our Soft feel. With its cloud-like memory foam and supportive, bouncy springs, it’s the perfect place for side sleepers to rest their heads. This is because the way you rest already alleviates tension from your spine, so you want a nice, soft mattress with just the right amount of give to keep your body’s natural position in place. A Soft feel is also a great choice for those who have a slight build.

Best for: Side sleepers / those with a smaller build or weight.

Medium Feel (5/10 firmness)

If you change your sleeping position during the night, you might enjoy our Medium Feel mattresses. A medium tension mattress will accommodate most body weights and could be the ideal choice if you and your partner can’t decide between a firm or a soft mattress. We think of this option as our ‘happy medium’, meaning that it’s a great choice for those who want to feel comfortable in any position, all night long.

Best for: Back and side sleepers / those who change positions during the night.

Firm Feel (7/10 firmness)

Front sleepers need the most support. Having any gaps between your stomach and your mattress puts pressure on your spine, so it’s important to have as little give as possible. This is where our Firm Feel saves the day (or night). Offering an incredible amount of support with minimal bounce or give, our Firm feel is the perfect option for those who tire on their tummies. Firmer feels are perfect for sleepers who prefer a lot of support, and they’re often recommended for those with back issues.

Best for: Front sleepers / average-heavier body frames / people with back problems

Other factors

Weight is a factor you should consider when deciding on your comfort feel. Someone who weighs less than 75kg will find a Medium mattress firmer than someone who is heavier and vice versa. Our mattresses are designed to support 18 stone per person, regardless of comfort feel choice, so this shouldn’t concern you too much - it’s just something to keep in mind.

Any more questions?

Comfort is very subjective, and the information above is just a helpful guide. Our mission is make sure we provide you with the mattress that’s perfect for you, so feel free to contact us with any more questions.